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Document the Vector3 type

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title: Vector3
A Vector3 is an object used to represent coordinates in a three-dimensional space ([Vector2]({{< relref "" >}}) is used for two-dimensional space). The coordinates are described using three numbers, {{%var%}}X{{%/var%}}, {{%var%}}Y{{%/var%}}, and {{%var%}}Z{{%/var%}}. {{%var%}}X{{%/var%}} represents the horizontal position, {{%var%}}Y{{%/var%}} the vertical position, {{%var%}}Z{{%/var%}} the depth.
In Lua, Vector3 objects can be created with the `` function, which accepts as its arguments the values for {{%var%}}X{{%/var%}}, {{%var%}}Y{{%/var%}}, and {{%var%}}Z{{%/var%}}.
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